is a public archive of Marxist texts and books. On this archive, anyone can edit and format texts. Final publication to the archive requires approval by the site moderation, however. The published texts can be viewed in a variety of formats.

Formatting with Amuse

Formatting is mainly done in the Text::Amuse format, based on the old Emacs Muse format, though a WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") editor is also available.

A full reference manual for the Amuse markup language is available. It is a fairly simple format.

Importing from other formats

When adding a new text, you can import it from a file on your computer. Supported formats are HTML and office formats like docx or odt. This method makes it significantly easier to republish texts from other sources. That said, the import isn't perfect (especially with HTML), and will likely require manual intervention. To edit an imported text, simply click "Create" on the Add Text page after importing, and the following page will allow you to edit the text in Amuse format.

Moderation approval

All texts will go through moderation before being approved. Texts will not be listed in the archive before they are approved. You can learn more about what content is allowed here.

Exported formats

Publishing a text generates versions of it in various different formats, each for a different purpose. Besides the web version (which you see as you browse the archive) , the following formats will be generated:

Plain PDF

A plain old PDF, with sequential pages. Ideal for digital distribution.

A4 Printable Booklet

A PDF made for printing. Print this double-sided on A4 paper, fold it in half, and you have yourself a nice little booklet. Good for cheap/DIY distribution.

Letter Printable Booklet

Same as above, except for American-style Letter paper.


An EPUB file, best viewed on devices such as ereaders or tablets.

Standalone HTML

A home printer-friendly HTML file.

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